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Greenvalve Luddite Maxim Monoblocks

Greenvalve Luddite Maxim Monoblocks

Burning the 4A constant current filament supplies through the night. Toasty 😉

See the Maxim in operation here: YouTube Video


SMPS for B+?

People hate SMPS. “Too noisy”, “All that hash will kill the music”. It is time to see if they are right. Show me another supply that can provide over 300mA of current at 800V+ all while having an output impedance of less than 10 ohms!

Here is a video of the SMPS supplying 770V B+ and -96V bias for my 826 IT GM70 breadboard amp. YouTube Video

EDIT: Well, once again I am late to the party. Way back in 2009 Ed Brown of had the same idea. He didn’t stack as many, but the concept was proven valid with just six units in series. See more HERE.
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Randall Rash has a new amp.

Randys custom ampThis was a very special custom amp that I built for Mr. Rash. VT-25 (10) driven by a true grounded cathode 6c45p tube. I still miss listening to it, and the sonic impression it made upon my memory is lasting.

Randy has great ears, and knowing that he hears what I hear made me enthusiastic about this build. This amp was made for him after several conversations dating back to Oct of 2007. We listened to some of his equipment together, and talked about what he values most in audio. Realistic imaging is a weakness in all mass produced equipment, even tube amplification. Randys’ equipment (Zanden, Decware and Vaughn Carina) had a huge wide soundstage, but no depth. To our ears it made piano sound like it was the size of a semi-truck but flat and 2 dimensional. It took me a while to figure out how to control image depth and width, and Randys’ new amp does just that. It is the most accurate imaging amp I have heard. I was very happy to provide this equipment to someone who so appreciates it.

A little exurb from a recent email from Randy…


“…I spent 3 hours last night listening to music ….. wow …..  : ) There is no need to tell you how good the system sounds with the amplifier you designed and built because I am absolutely sure that you already know. I could use all of the worn out superlatives that describe an outstanding piece of equipment, but they honestly would not do this amplifier justice.  The best analogy that I can use is to say that I feel sorry for everyone who does not have this amplifier as part of their audio system.  It allows music to flow into the room in a way that I have never experienced before….”

Thank you Randy, that is just the way I felt about your amp. It brings me joy that you have it now.

Here is a recent schematic of the similar 417A RC VT-25 (10, 10Y, 801A) amp. The main difference is that Randy’s amp uses fixed bias, mercury vapor rectification, and the hot russian 6c45p as a driver.

The photo of Randy’s amp is a link to his website…

A new tube amp is born…

Everyone likes to watch other people work… maybe you will find this entertaining. Here are some photos of my 210 tube driving another 210 tube, interstage coupled. The schematic is listed on the next page under older entries.