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Greenvalve Luddite Maxim Monoblocks

Greenvalve Luddite Maxim Monoblocks

Burning the 4A constant current filament supplies through the night. Toasty 😉

See the Maxim in operation here: YouTube Video


SMPS for B+?

People hate SMPS. “Too noisy”, “All that hash will kill the music”. It is time to see if they are right. Show me another supply that can provide over 300mA of current at 800V+ all while having an output impedance of less than 10 ohms!

Here is a video of the SMPS supplying 770V B+ and -96V bias for my 826 IT GM70 breadboard amp. YouTube Video

EDIT: Well, once again I am late to the party. Way back in 2009 Ed Brown of had the same idea. He didn’t stack as many, but the concept was proven valid with just six units in series. See more HERE.
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Long live diamonds and ditches!

A nice day at Horneshoppe Hornfest

What good could come from that rats-nest of wires? OH, it was an opportunity to try out my prototype source equipment with Jim Dowdy’s $30,000 amplifier. And things did go well, what a fine sound, just a great time! Some new friends, and some new ideas… for even higher fidelity. Ed Schillings’ Hornfest is great fun for young and old! The Hornshoppe horns proved fantastic!

I heart vinyl.