Analogue revived !

Disgruntled mutterings and other motivations.

This page used to have some trivial information about me. How I came to build my first amp. When I fell in love with music.

But then I realized that the reason I started this blog, and the reason I share all these schematics, and the music, and the mods and the pictures.

Its about you. I have never met you, but I know you. You work hard. You suffer. You dream of better times, in the past or the future. You worry about your family. You wish you had more control in life because you understand the delicacy of this world. How it teeters on catastrophe. And the truth is, you and I are the same.

When I listen to music I feel connected to you. I wish I could help you. I wish I could… just do something to help. But all I can do is draw these schematics, or show you how to modify a speaker, or link to an inspired musician.

I hope that you find something on these pages that helps create a little joy in your life.

email me. I would like to hear from you.

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The schematics posted on this blog are there to reflect my personal design goals and perspectives on how to achieve great sound. High voltage is dangerous, because it can be lethal. Protect yourself. Be safe and do not copy any of my actions.