Analogue revived !

Inspired by Parker Audio

Over the years I have listened to some very good speakers, and Daves speakers always stuck in my mind as doing things better than most. (Actually, doing less wrong than most) Here is what I have been listening to lately…

I fell in love with these ultra light paper cone vintage drivers made by Grundig. Loose interpretation of the Parker Audio configuration but adding the baffle-less Grundig drivers is what you see here. Other than a single cap protecting the Heil tweeters, the speakers are crossoverless. Flat response is possible by wiring the dipole Grundigs in series which brought down the midrange sensitivity to match the bass output of the single 5ohm Grundig driver in the sealed box, and the 4ohm Heil. Putting the Grundigs back to back in dipole arrangement, along with the Heil tweeters sounds very real. My big JBL horns can’t come close to the presence these speakers have.

Compare my video to your own system… here is the Hi-Rez digital download from Reference Recordings. Free HRx 24/176.4 Music Download And two more HERE.


2 responses

  1. Hi _ I love your website !… It’s very inspiring, I looked on ebay but I coudn’t figure out which Grundig speakers where like yours… Can you tell me thier dimensions, and what the driver says on the magnet – I want to build a speaker similar to yours, but with just 2 drivers to start , I have never heard those kind of vintage drivers before … and don’t have alot of money… I could really use some advice on what drivers to look for !!! – ( seems like thier are so many different ones ) – how did you know which to try? ) – -THANK YOU, Kind Regards, dean

    February 24, 2012 at 1:39 am

  2. Pepe

    Interesting speakers. I’m going to use theese grundig ovals in ob’s with messures simmilar to je labs and quad esl 57, is there any advantage to mount the eliptical drivers horizontally like you use them vs vertically? Does the radiation pattern change horizontally vs vertically mounted?

    May 21, 2014 at 4:49 pm

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