Analogue revived !

6C45Π / 6s45p Spud amp / preamp

Cool huh?

A fun little amp that sounds great. The

6C45Π doesn’t have the thoriated magic on the top (like the VT-25) but having only 1 tube for amplification gives a lot of detail and transparency. Here is a link to a video about it.  Look at the plates on these tubes. They are rumored to be solid carbonized titanium, and the grid wires solid platinum. WOW!

Here is the schematic from years ago. Easy easy easy…« Older Entries


2 responses

  1. Hi, I loved your post. As a matter of fact it inspired me to begin a SE project using 6s45p. It just appears that the link to the video is broken. Maybe you could fix that, i’d like to see baby in action once more.

    October 13, 2011 at 4:34 pm

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